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Jeannette Nienaber, BSc., DipEd., Prof.Bacc., MEd., HTCP/I, ATP

Jeannette Nienaber, delivers a lively and inspiring classroom experience filled with wisdom and humor. Her eclectic training and experience provides a unique fusion of science and energy healing—topics about which she is equally passionate. Initially, her love for sciences sent her in pursuit of an undergraduate degree in Biology that included many courses in Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Psychology. She then trained to teach secondary science and taught for over 35 years. During this time, Jeannette raised three sons, and completed her Masters in Science Education which focused on improving student understanding of scientific concepts. She was always involved beyond the classroom and common threads throughout her career include mentoring students and teachers, coaching sports, and designing curricula.

Jeannette’s journey with energy healing began with Therapeutic Touch over 30 years ago and her curiosity led her to continuously explore and train in many modalities such as: Reiki, Crystals, Angel Therapy, Mediumship, Essential Oils, Sound, and Healing Touch. Jeannette is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner /Instructor and also serves on the Science Advisory Panel, Education Panel and Certification Board for HTP. Additionally, Jeannette has written and presented keynotes, workshops, and classes in energy medicine on a broad variety of topics including: quantum science, angels, crystals, mysticism, stress management and Healing Touch for Teens.

Currently, Jeannette owns Gabriola Healing Touch, and has a private practice.

She can be reached at emeraldchakra@gmail.com, 250-247-7297, or at www.jeannetteangelhealer.com