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Anna Marie Newman BSN, RN, CNOR, LMP, HTCP/I

Anna Marie, a registered nurse for 40 years, has worked in both city and rural hospitals. She has worked in the operating room, obstetrics, medical surgical units, long term care, home health and nurse management. She became a licensed massage therapist and began her Healing Touch journey in the early 1990’s. She has taught in schools of nursing and massage and has coordinated massage programs in hospital settings. She has a private Healing Touch practice, facilitates a local Healing Touch group, and teaches Healing Touch Level 1 & 2 workshops.

Anna Marie has studied with Barb Dahl, Janet Mentgen, Rosalyn Bruyere, Sue Hovland and Tom Kenyon. She became certified in Healing Touch and became a certified Healing Touch Instructor. The workings of the human body has always fascinated her and after working in surgery for many years, seeing what the human body is made of and how it copes with it’s reality, she is still amazed at the wondrousness of it and it’s innate ability to heal. Marveling at the ability of the body to be helped and influenced by what it goes through and it’s inner doctor/spirit who guides it’s healing process.

Anna Marie embraces the belief that people hold the key to their wellness and that the wholeness of the body, mind, spirit and emotion can be harmonized for optimal health. Having been a nurse for many years and witnessing all aspects of the human condition, Anna Marie has seen first hand the multitude of ways people heal themselves. Although we tend to want them to heal their body, often times what heals is the story of their life and how they cope and interact with the world and how they shine within.

She can be reached at meadowrose9@gmail.com