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Vibratory Grid Activation

This workshop teaches energy workers a new and powerful way to reconnect with sacred universal grids that relate to the meridian system in the body by tracing & awakening specific lines on the body.

Opening this energy flow promotes spiritual growth, intuition, and synchronicity, as well as benefiting the physical body.Students will learn the complete technique with detailed handouts as well as receiving the full treatment themselves. It enhances personal healing as well as being a very useful technique to help clients.

Sue has been using this approach extensively and successfully in her healing practice, you will find it very helpful as well. Teaching methods include l
ecture,notebook,demonstrations and giving and receiving the Grid Activation

Healing Touch Level 1 or similar energy therapy.


“The Vibratory Grid Activation is a method of profoundly clearing and re-aligning the Bio-magnetic field, and re-patterning DNA to their once healthy imprint. My clients say, ‘Life changing, like no other energy work!’ I have done this work on many people, and everyone has said how different and wonderful it is.”

Anna Marie Newman, RN, HTCP/I, CMT, Instructor for Anatomy for Healers®, Ellensburg, WA

"The Vibratory Grid Activation Workshop was a very powerful experience for me. The depth of the information was truly supportive in increasing my knowledge base of the energy body. The experiential and activation of the grid, I believe, has helped propel me in doing the work I am doing on the planet at this time."

Franny Harcey HTCP, Back Chakra Activation Workshop Co-Creator, Parker, CO

"I've used this work on clients and myself with some fascinating results and insights. I've felt a real sense of connection with others and the Divine after a whole or partial treatment..”

Kate Stanford, Lakewood, CO, Certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Sound Therapist,
Healing Touch for Animal Practitioner, Advanced Healing Touch practices

"Cancer clients are amazed with their energy after a session with the Vibratory Grid—a great complement to my practice! I find the techniques from your Vibratory Grid class so helpful for clients dealing with cancer and associated treatments of chemotherapy and radiation! As you know, their fields are depleted and their energy so low. Performing Vibratory Grid techniques gives each hope and an unlimited source of energy. They report being amazed after the session! They come in dragging, exhausted, and frightened, then leave feeling energized.

I have treated over 300 cancer clients. Vibratory Grid techniques are a great complement to my healing practice!"

Sally North, RN, BSN, MPH, HTP, Oak Brook, IL

Vibratory Grid Activation, Milwaukee, WI, October 29, 2017