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Energetic Allergy Treatment with Healing Touch

Allergens are substances that cause a disruption in the body's energy systems, causing symptoms depending where that imbalance occurs. Participants will learn to identify allergens by energy assessment and muscle testing and muscle testing. Then they will learn several different energy treatment approaches that will be useful in their HT practice by working on actual allergies of their partners in class. Self treatment will also be addressed. Allergies are rampant in our stressful, polluted and chemical filled society, and often an allergic reaction to an allergen can be eliminated in one treatment. Sue has been using this approach extensively and successfully in her practice, and you will find it very helpful as well.

Healing Touch Level 1 or similar energy therapy.

Continuing Education Contact Hours
Certificates for 8 contact hours for nurses and massage therapists will be given by Healing Touch Program .
"The class teaches many tools for helping clients clear allergies. Sue finds ways to add humor and healing throughout the course, which makes it really enjoyable and very useful. I would highly recommend this course!"
- Kathy VanDuser, HTCP, Chicago

"One of my cats has a reaction to her annual rabies shot each year. The symptoms are less or not at all, if I do the allergy balance prior to the vet appointment."
- Kate Stanford, CRM, CST, HTAP, BA, HTPA, Denver, CO

"Sue has a wealth of information in herself and her booklet. She researches the topic and gives excellent resources. She makes learning FUN!! Sue is easy, relaxed and unhurried. Thanks for the insightful workshop."
- Lundee Amos, PhD, HTCP, Donna Eden CP, Laughter Therapy CP,
Quantum Touch, Greensboro, NC

"Sue is so gracious, self effacing and yet so dynamic as a teacher. I felt as though she is teaching on more than one level—not just her words instruct, but her being."
- Blair Conger, RN, Virginia Beach, VA

“A very enlightening experience, with profound results in class! I can’t wait to try it on my family!
- Joyce Wong, RN, HTCP, Aiea, HI

"I liked hearing that we already know this work—we are limited by our imagination in how we can use energy balancing techniques for so much more than we first thought. I loved Sue’s stories! They make you think of all the possibilities we have in this energy work, which I sometimes forget about."
- Jonnylyn Willing, Kapolei, HI, HTCP, MT Kapolei, HI