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Testimonials from Anatomy for Healers - Level 1

"This class was everything I had hoped for!  The anatomy was a great refresher for me - it has been a long time since I’ve studied it.  Loved, loved, loved the new techniques we used. Looking forward to using these with my clients.  The notebook provided will be a great resource for many years to come.

If you work with energy and would like to go deeper, take the Anatomy for Healers
® class!  It was informative, fun, and inspiring!"
- Lynn R Anderson, RN, MSN, HTCP, Annapolis, MD

"As the author of The Encyclopedia of Energy Medicine, I have taken numerous classes in the various healing modalities and studied over 80 different disciplines. The very best of them, for the experienced healer, is Anatomy for Healers ® . This workshop heightened my awareness of the depth and range of healing open to me as a healer. Until I took this class, I thought of the body as whole, and had not taken into consideration the sum of its parts. It did not occur to me that each of the organs of the body has its own set of chakras and its own energy field. I also learned how to feel for the different systems of the body such as the circulatory, skeletal, and lymphatic systems. Sue Hovland, founder of this program, has a fabulous sense of humor and makes an otherwise dry subject a whole lot of fun! The power point presentation, movies, and various props, add another dimension as well. I enthusiastically recommend this class! I can't wait to take Level 2!"

- Linnie Thomas, HTCP/I
Professional writer
Portland, OR

"This joyful presentation helped to anchor my knowledge of anatomy and physiology... Introduced energetic components to the machinery of the body."

- Carol Komitor CMT, HTCP/I, HTACP, CHBMT, ESMT,
Founder and Director of Healing Touch for Animals®
Former Board of Directors of Healing Touch International
Highlands Ranch, CO

"Refreshing and exciting...Lively and interesting...Techniques are a welcome addition to my Healing Touch practice...Class notebook is rich, practical, and filled with gems...The class deepened my sense of awe and gratitude for the physical aspect of the human being."

- Cynthia Hutchison DNSc, RN, HTCP/I, Boulder, CO
Program Director, Healing Touch Program
First Director of Research, Healing Touch International

“An incredible journey into the nuances of our wondrous body energy! A very rich class, expanding my understanding and potential as a Healing Touch Practitioner."

- Anne Day, RN, MA, CMT, CHTP/I, San Diego , CA
Past President of HTI Board of Directors

Sue Hovland’s class has deepened my Healing Touch work with my clients--they ask me to add these techniques to their treatments. Five years after taking the class, I still use the techniques from the workbook on a regular basis.The endocrine system balance is great for my menopausal female clients and teenage athletes who have irregular periods, as well as beneficial for my “stressed out” clients. For seasonal immune suppressed illnesses, the “Immune Boost” works great to build up their immune system. It teaches self care for clients that takes them only 10 minutes. I highly recommend Anatomy for Healers to all healers!

- Cindy Palajac, HonBA, DipEd, HTCP/I
London , ON , Canada

"Sue Hovland's Anatomy for Healers Program connects information about the physical body, energetic understandings and practical energy work techniques in a way that is accessible to both the beginner and advanced student of anatomy. The exercises and techniques help integrate anatomical information with energetic assessment and treatment, offering ways to deepen and expand your healing touch practice."

- Catherine Awai, BEd, DIP ed, HTCP/I, Duncan, BC, Canada
Former Director of Healing Pathways Program in Canada
Former Board of Canadian Healing Touch Foundation

"An inspired curriculum that helps students discover the mysteries of the human body...For anyone who practices energy medicine!"
- Judy Turner RN, BSN, CHTP/I, Sanibel , FL
Former Healing Touch Program Coordinator

"A good blending of lecture and experiential energy techniques...Highly recommended as an introduction or review."
- Myra Tovey RN, BSN, HNC, CHTP/I, Colorado Springs , CO
Former Healing Touch Program Coordinator Assistant
Former Board of Directors, Healing Touch International

"This incredibly entertaining program is a brilliant way of learning anatomy and physiology. Do not miss this program!"
- Alexandra Jonsson, RN, BSCN, CHTP/I, Toronto , Canada
Former Executive Board Healing Touch Canada
Former Board of Directors, Healing Touch International

Testimonials from Anatomy for Healers - Level 2

"Anatomy 2 is a good review of the organ systems in the body.  The class is a great blend of teaching (lecture) and experiencing new techniques--very practical for Healing Touch practitioners.  I got excited about anatomy and energy work together!  I highly recommend this class!"

- Myra Tovey, RN, BSN, HNC. CHTP/I
Healing Touch Program Coordinator Assistant
Past Board of Directors, Healing Touch International

"I have taken all three of Sue Hovland's Anatomy for Healers courses. The time spent in each was time well spent! Sue's knowledge, wisdom, experience, and willingness to share is very evident. She presents the material in each of the courses in an easily understood manner. Her interaction and engaging dialogue with the class participants is stimulating and enhances the learning experience."

- Linda Glasson, C.H.P.A., H.T.P.A., Healthcare Security Consultant

"I was the girl that did the demo for the clearing on someone I was having trouble with at work. Well, all I can say is WOW! Best two weeks I have had working with this person, and others in the office have said things are much calmer.

Totally amazing...can't even imagine what it would have been like if we did both sides of the treatment. Thanks again for the wonderful weekend. Hope you are back soon for more courses."

- Lynn Anderson, RN, Healing Touch Level 5

"Great mix of teaching from mind and heart. Sue’s deep reverence for the human body is magnificent to experience. Every time I see you I learn more, and there’s more. You are truly a Master Teacher and an inspiration to all of us. Keep smiling, Keep taking care of yourself—you are very important to me and the world. Thanks you!"

- Marsha Read, HTCP/I , music therapist and teacher

"Sue’s courses have always taught me a lot, and I value her wisdom and generosity in sharing it. So much packed into three days—I will percolate and revisit as needed. I will absolutely use the asthma treatments in my work with pediatric patients.

Sue has such a vast amount of knowledge! She has such a wonderful approach to the subject matter, and is delightful as a teacher."

- Peggy Myers, Pediatric RN, HT Level 3

"I enjoyed the class and learned so much more than is in the book. Sue is full of Wisdom and Pearls!  Thank you--I'll be in class again soon!"

- Peggy Sue Butler, CHTP, Pilates Instructor
Chesapeake, VA

“We highly recommend this workshop for a deeper understanding of how energy work can relate to the physical body and help with specific disease processes. We have helped many clients with the new techniques."

- Don Stouffer, PhD, CHTP, Past Member HTI Board, and
Joan Stouffer, MS, CHTP, Cincinnati, OH
"Sue presents a multimedia production for every class and constantly updates the course content. She and her instructors hold your interest with their wit, charm, and expertise, and balance the class with experiential techniques. You will be inspired to increase your knowledge and expertise of anatomy and physiology, and to use the new  techniques to enhance your practice. I highly recommend her classes and hope to repeat them. They make learning FUN!"

- Lundee Williams Amos, CHTP, HTCP, HTSM ,CEEMP, EdD, Greensboro, NC

Testimonials from Anatomy for Healers - Level 3

“Sue’s done it again! Level 3 beautifully blends the structure and function with balancing healing energy treatments. It is a must for those treating others with stress, anxiety, PTSD,  diseases of the nervous system, and neurotransmitter imbalances. Who couldn’t use a little tweeking?”

- Ann O’Malley, RN, HTCP/I, Villa Park, IL

“This course offers an opportunity to deepen and expand opportunity to discuss applications for specific conditions makes this course immediately relevant.”

- Catherine Awai, BED, DipEd, CHTP/I, British Colombia, Canada
Instructor for “Healing Pathway,”  “Develop Your Intuitive Mind”

“Sue’s Class is wonderful and fun! Her enthusiasm and experiential approach to teaching made studying anatomy interesting and fun even with my limited background in this area. The new energy applications make the class appropriate for all levels…very useful in my practice.  I highly recommend this workshop!!!”
- Joy Heartsong (formerly Connie Korhonen), BA, MS, HTCP/I
Former public school district administrator, Colorado Springs, CO

"I cannot begin to find the words to describe the power of the Healing Touch, that Nancy L. has done on me since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in my liver, lungs and spine last March, 2012. At the time of my diagnosis there was a large mass in my liver, many lesions on my spine and small lesions in my lungs. Nancy targeted my liver during these healing sessions. I often felt heaviness being pulled out of the liver. And I always felt so much better after a Healing Touch session.

In early December, 2012, a PetScan revealed that the large mass in my liver had dissolved. There are new smaller lesions, but my oncologist feels these are parts of the large mass and that they are in the process of dissolving also.

Since I am also a certified Healing Touch practitioner, I believe in the power of Healing work and to me the dissolving of the liver mass is a testimonial to the power of the work that we do."

- Beth Poe, CHT

"I have taken all three of Sue Hovland's Anatomy for Healers courses.  The time spent in each was time well spent. Sue's knowledge, wisdom, experience, and willingness to share is very evident. She presents the material in each of the courses in an easily understood manner. Her interaction and engaging dialogue with the class participants is stimulating and enhances the learning experience."

- Linda Glasson, C.H.P.A., H.T.P.A.
Healthcare Security Consultant

"I really enjoyed the participatory work—very comfortable. All the sessions were very useful! I appreciate the delicate blend that you have to make anatomy Level 2 interesting with your knowledge, humor, and life stories. It’s evident that you have a love for teaching and anatomy and energy work!"

- Marcia Nerbas, RN, Calgary, Canada

"Sue is very gifted and knowledgeable. The information was detailed, but she made it easy to understand. The videos were helpful in visualizing the anatomy."
- Jan Collins, HT level 4, Calgary, Canada

"I thoroughly enjoyed Sue Hovland’s Level 2. It was a wonderful accumulation of information on anatomy, energetic anatomy, and treatments. And all the laughs cannot go without special mention! Thank you!

- Amanda Peterson, HTCP, Yellowknife, NT, Canada

"Excellent course! Sue’s enthusiasm for learning is infectious and her ability to transmit her vast knowledge is inspiring. What I’ve learned is immediately applicable for my own self care, and the care of my clients. Thank you for all you bring to help us help ourselves!"

- Janice McDougall, HTCP, Millarville, AB, Canada

"Sue teaches current concepts with knowledge, joy, and enthusiasm. She honors the sources, and the variety of teaching methods keep students engaged. Thanks for three full days—an excellent way to spend a weekend!"

- Jackie Walters, HTCP, Healing Pathways Instructor, President HT Calgary

"Sue is a great instructor, well prepared with excellent responses to questions.Very humorous and very nice to spend the weekend listening to her!The notebook exercises are nicely detailed.

- Lorraine Carpino, CHTP, music teacher, Calgary, Canada

"Fun, intense, and adventurous! Looking forward to Level 3!"

- Elke Nowicki, HTCP/I, school teacher, Bragg Creek, AB, Canada

"Really wonderful—just takes the energy work deeper! The work with allergies was the most clinically practical."

- Verne Besselink, HTCP/I, High River, AB, Canada

"Thanks you, Sue, for your knowledge and wisdom—that comes from years of experience!"

- Daryl Fenty, RN, CHNA Board, HTCP, Calgary, Canada

Testimonials from Vibratory Grid Activation

"I have been lucky enough to take all three levels of Sue Hovland's Anatomy for Healers® and most recently the Vibratory Grid class.  All of these classes have changed and deepened my understanding of energy healing. Sue Hovland is a master teacher and truly inspirational."

- Jude Kehoe LPN, HTCP, Meditation Instructor
University of Oregon Health Center
Eugene. OR

"Sue, thanks again for the Vibratory Grid Activation class! 

I found this work to be very sacred. The class remarked on the presence of angels in the room while we were working. At one point, I felt my pineal center light up with golden energy and my vibration was raised to a level I had not previously experienced, while still remaining very present in my body.  As we completed the grid activation, a holy presence filled my cells.  I knew I was being rejuvenated and that my deepest longing was now just around the corner. The experience was like "leveling up" in a game: I am now more connected with my Infinite Self, more of a healing presence, more connected to Guidance. Thank you!"

- Kimberly Smith, HTCP, RM, Virginia Beach, VA