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Nancy Lester, BS, RN, HNC, LMT, HTCP/I

Nancy Lester, a registered nurse, brings to her teaching over 25 years of nursing experience, including trauma and critical care, hospice, home health, rehabilitation and hospital administration. She obtained her BS with a concentration in Health Care Administration. In the late 80’s, her journey led her into the study of holistic care and energetic healing. She became certified in Holistic Nursing, Healing Touch, and Massage Therapy. Nancy has studied craniosacral therapy, and with varied energetic healers including, Janet Mentgen, Rosalyn Bruyere, Christine Page, and others.

She has always been amazed with the human body and has studied anatomy and physiology in nursing school, again in assisting to teach in an EMT program that included human dissection, massage school, and anatomy through a life drawing class and most recently a life sculpture class. In 1995, Nancy went into private practice and founded her business, Healing Arts, Inc. Nancy maintains a private practice and is a Healing Touch Certified Instructor for levels 1--4. She also teaches dream workshops and Self Care for Healers.

She can be reached at nlester@comcast.net