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Anatomy for Healers® Level 1
An Energetic Approach to the Healthy Body

Students will learn the location, structure, function, vibrational energy, and associated symbology of the organs and body systems, while learning many new treatments.

Healing Touch, Level 3, or similar energy therapy practice and permission of instructor or coordinator

Continuing Education Contact Hours

Approved for 27 CE Contact Hours for nurses and massage therapists by ANCC and NCBTMB
  • To describe and demonstrate the eleven organ systems of the human body.
  • To describe, demonstrate, locate, and energetically palpate the endocrine glands and the major organs of the torso.
  • To define concepts of anatomy and physiology as they relate to the human energy field.
  • The application of anatomy and physiology in the energetic healing treatment.
  • The structure, function, location and identification of the landmarks and major organs in the body systems (skin, muscular, skeletal, digestive, lymphatic and immune, urinary, reproductive, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, and nervous).
  • Location, structure, and energetic palpation of the endocrine glands and the major organs of the torso.
  • Interactive exercises and new energetic treatments as a way of becoming acquainted with the anatomy and physiology of the human body. These will include moving energy through the skeleton and muscles; liver, kidney, lung and lymphatic flushes; artery chelation; limbic brain balance; pelvic relaxation; and digestive valve releases.
  • Teaching methods include: lecture, notebook, visuals, videos, a torso with removable organs, an organ "puzzle," a skeleton, a skull, and many experiential exercises and treatments.

Suggested Texts
(not required)

You may also refer to the internet for more information. Students without anatomy experience will gain much more from the class with some knowledge of anatomy terms and concepts.