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Anatomy for Healers® Level 2
An Energetic Approach to Diseases

Students will learn a deepening awareness of the body including an Energetic Approach to Diseases integrating concepts of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology with energy therapies. Included are more in-depth knowledge and new advanced energy treatments in the endocrine system, respiratory system (including asthma and allergies), digestive system, back problems, and the heart. Healers will be encouraged to develop their own treatments as they understand more about body and how it works.

Anatomy for Healers® Level 1 (formerly Experiential Anatomy & Physiology for Healers, Level 1), or experienced healers (Healing Touch Level 3 and above) or similar extensive experience in energy practices with Instructor permission.

Continuing Education Contact Hours
Approved for 24 CE Contact Hours for nurses and massage therapists by ANCC and NCBTMB.
  • Learn a deeper understanding of the body tissues and systems.
  • Describe diseases and learn appropriate energy treatments in several systems of the body.
  • The application of anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology in the energetic healing treatment.
  • Experience an energetic connection with cells and the four tissues.
  • Learn more in depth knowledge about several systems of the body--skeletal (back), digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, and endocrine.
  • Exercises and new advanced energy treatments to become with some major diseases in those systems, including an energetic approach to allergies.
  • Develop a protocol for the energetic treatment of diseases, incorporating an anatomical approach.
Suggested Texts (not required)
You may also refer to the internet for more information.  Students without anatomy experience will gain much more from the class with some knowledge of anatomy terms and concepts.

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