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Allergy Treatments for Healers, Milwaukee, WI, October 27, 2017
Allergy Treatments for Healers, Milwaukee, WI, October 27, 2017
Allergens are substances that cause a disruption in the body's energy systems, causing symptoms depending where that imbalance occurs. Participants will learn to identify allergens by energy assessment and muscle testing. Then they will learn several different energy treatment approaches that will be useful in their HT or other energy practice by working on actual allergies of their partners in class. Self treatment will also be addressed. Allergies are rampant in our stressful, polluted, and chemical filled society. An allergic reaction can manifest as any symptom from GI distress, respiratory issues, skin conditions, brain “fog”, weight gain, to interpersonal difficulties and behavior problems. Often an allergen can be relieved in one treatment. It works very well on children (and grandchildren!), too, as well as with pets.

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Sue Hovland

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Pam Goodwill

Healing Touch, Level 1, or similar energy therapy practice.

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