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The Birth of the “Anatomy for Healers®” Program,
An Energetic Approach to the Physical Body
by Sue Hovland,
BSN, (Retired RN), CMT, HTCP/I, Program Founder and Director

As I’m sitting here “writing down the bones”, I am thinking back on my first Therapeutic Touch (TT) class with Janet Mentgen at Red Rocks Community College in 1982 that I took as a lark while I was doing a RN refresher course. To my surprise, I loved it and was hooked!  I took every class she offered over the next few years as she developed the Healing Touch program, thinking only to use it with my self and family. I once thought of dropping out of the pursuit of healing, and Janet asked me if I could imagine going back to life as before without it.  Of course, the answer was “No, I can’t go back”. However, never would I have dreamed that someday I would teach it, let alone develop anatomy workshops for Healing Touch (HT) and other energy therapy practitioners that I would teach nationally and internationally!

I started practicing and teaching HT in 1990, getting certified as a Practitioner and Instructor in 1993. Then my passion for learning healing led me to expand my background in nursing, anatomy, and energy therapies by going to massage school, then studying neuromuscular therapy, cranial-sacral therapy, visceral and lymph massage, human dissection, energetic allergy release, Axiatonal Alignment, aromatherapy, Bowen Technique, and workshops with many powerful healers, such as Rosalyn Bruyere, Shelby Hammitt, Debra Denker, Barbara Brennan, Rudy Noel, Brugh Joy, Mary Jo Bulbrook, Kathy Sinnett, and others.  All of this brought a deepening knowledge of the miracle of the physical human body with its energy system and a desire to share that information. This lead to the birth of the Anatomy for Healers® Program in 1997 (formerly “Experiential Anatomy and Physiology for Healers”) It’s an accumulation of knowledge I’ve learned from my anatomy studies, past and continuing, and my HT foundation, and further energy medicine studies. The more I really understand anatomy and the specific energy of different parts of the body, the more my clients are releasing quickly and deeply, and the more specific is my guidance.

Janet Mentgen, the founder of HT, encouraged and supported my anatomy workshops since the beginning.  She knew anatomy very well, and knew how valuable it was when working with clients.  Healing Touch Program™ continues to be supportive of the Anatomy for Healers program, giving CE credits for nurses and massage therapists for the workshops.

The Anatomy for Healers Program is an independent advanced study for experienced energy healers with Level 3 HT or similar background. The workshops enhance the powerful HT, or other energy therapy, background with learning and applying anatomy insights through new energy treatments. This approach has helped students do deeper, more specific, and effective work. Nurses and others who have studied anatomy before also find it valuable, since traditional anatomy doesn’t integrate the energy aspects with the physical body.

The philosophy that aptly states the goal of my program is:

If you know energy therapy, you need to know the human body, 
  If you know the body, you need to know energy therapy.
  If you know both, you need to know how to put them together in a healing practice.”

One anatomy student said, “This has really deepened my healing work--I have new insights on how the body works.”  Another said, “This has completely changed the way I feel about my body--it feels completely new”.  Working deep in the bones creates releases of some old patterns--one student said her body structure adjusted all night after receiving the class treatment.  Energetically cleansing the liver can bring up old anger for release as it clears out toxins on all levels.

Getting acquainted energetically with the cardiovascular system is a profound experience, and the energy field in the classroom pulses with the etheric heart beat.  Students are amazed at how they can actually energetically feel the difference between the liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, etc.  It’s exciting for me to feel the classroom become the energy of the liver, lymph, bones, and other tissues.  It has been even more exciting when former students will tell me that they use the knowledge and new treatments all the time, and find it was one of the most valuable workshops they have ever taken.

Because of the demand, I have now expanded the program to three levels of workshops (Level 1 Anatomy for Healers is usually required for either Level 2 or  Level 3):
Level 1 teaches the physical and energetic experience of the normal body systems and organs, including many new treatments.  It is 31/2 days, 27 CE hours.
Level 2 teaches an anatomical approach to diseases, with advanced studies and treatments in the skeletal, respiratory, digestive, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems including work on the back, and with a full allergy treatment.  It is 3 days, 24 CE hours.
Level 3 studies in detail the brain and nervous system addressing stress,
trauma, neurotransmitters, and diseases.  It is 3 days, 24 CE hours.

Each workshop sets the stage for learning with the class notebook, power- point lectures, anatomy props, and DVD’s of actual tissues inside the body.  Then the students experience the organs and body systems directly, on themselves and others, learning many new energy treatments.  Like the HT classes I teach, these many different approaches help integrate the knowledge presented. For more information, go to the section on each workshop in this website.

It’s been a wonderful privilege to travel around U.S. and internationally seeing the depth, ability, and heart-centered caring in HT and other energy communities everywhere!   There are numerous wonderful people “doing the work” in amazing ways, making a huge difference in their area and beyond. 

We learn so much from being in community with other advanced healer colleagues in the classroom! Anatomy for Healers has been a great blessing for me and the adventure of a lifetime that started with a chance class at a community college!